What we create, our vision

Barong Barong creates unique handcrafted jewellery for men and women. We're doing this since 2003 under the brandname Barong Barong, but we go many years back doing this with our Indonesian roots. By creating outspoken designs and combinations we make it possible to express your identity. We strive for a world that is interconnected, where there is no space for judgements.  

“Barong Barong is an Indonesian saying that means: the beauty everyone has in them, but sometimes still has to be discovered”.

Jewellery that puts you in front, shows who you are. We're putting personality into design. Every item of Barong Barong has certain characteristics symbolizing personality. It's up to you to create your perfect combination that matches your personality. Show who you are. 

“Although each part in our collection is designed to stand out in itself, the most defining character of Barong Barong is the harmony between our individual pieces and you”.


How we create

Barong Barong is a close-knit family-run business with roots in Indonesia. We still use materials and traditional craftsmanship that is rooted here. All our items have a unique touch because of the natural materials being used and the traditional handcrafted way in which our products are made. We strictly use high quality materials to be sure of a long lasting product. Our materials range from high-end quality silk, 925 Sterling Silver, 18K gold plated metal, semiprecious gemstones and exclusive durable leathers. Every item is created with a passion for detail.

Our price

Our worldwide family based roots, years of knowledge, expertise and craftsmanship make it possible to create high-quality products at competitive prices. Our focus lays on what really adds value for the customer; delivering a beautiful and high-quality product with a pleasant service. And this all for a fair price. So no: expensive branding, marketing campaigns, luxury taxes, distributors.


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