We're proud to say that we're able to craft high-quality products at competitive prices. We're able to do this because of our worldwide based roots and networks. We use: - 18k Gold Plated Metal - 925 Sterling Silver - High-End Quality Silk - Semiprecious Gemstones - Exclusive Durable Leathers.

18k Gold Plated Metal

For our gold jewellery we use 18K gold plated metal, also known as gold vermeil. In this case the metal is sterling silver with a high end 18K gold coating. This way you will be sure of the same look as solid gold. Our gold jewellery will not flake and doesn't feel like cheap metals, it feels solid.

925 Sterling Silver

We use real 925 sterling silver for our silver jewellery. 925 stands dor 92.5% of pure silver, the other percentage is made of tougher metals to make the silver last longer. Our 925 Silver pieces of jewellery are handcrafted by our silversmiths based in Bali. 

High Quality Silk

Silk is famous for its soft touch and natural look. Each of our silk pieces are handcrafted with artisan methods and high quality materials.

Semiprecious Gemstones

Barong Barong jewellery is often made with semiprecious gemstones. We only use clean sourced and high quality gemstones for our jewellery. Ranging from Onyx to Turquoise and many others. 


In our products you often see stingray leathers being used. We can safely say our stingray leather is a residual product from Asia. Stingray is a left over product from the fishing industry. Stingray leather is famous for its unique beauty and durability.