How to find your perfect bracelet size

Barong Barong Bracelets come in a variety of options. We got adjustable bracelets, bangles and closed bracelets with a clasp. Unlike the adjustable bracelet and the bangle, the bracelets with clasps are not expandable. As default our bracelets for women are 18 cm, which is the most common size. For men we use a default of 21 cm. Some of those bracelets come in different sizes and to help out a bit we made you a bracelet size guide. 

The two most common ways to measure bracelets sizes

1. Find yourself a bracelet that fits you properly. Measure the bracelet from clasp to end with a ruler or measuring tape (at the inside) and compare its measurements. 

2. The other best option to measure your size is with using a flexible tape measure. If you don’t have a flexible tape measure you can get creative with any kind of thread, cord, or ribbon and measure it afterwards. All you have to do is wrap the tape measure, just before the bone on the side of your little finger, snugly around your wrist. Place it next to a ruler in case you're using a cord. 

For a snug fit: Add  0,6 cm to 1,3 cm.
For a regular fit: Add  1,3 cm to 1,9 cm 
For a looser fit: Add  1,9 cm to 2,5 cm
So if your wrist circumference is 18 centimetres, your recommended bracelet size is 19 centimetres if you like a snug fit. 




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