How to wear Barong Barong jewellery

Sometimes we notice how our customers don't know what to do when seeing all those colourful bracelets, they get confused. And we can understand that. One of the things that makes Barong Barong bracelets so unique is that you are able to combine several pieces of jewellery. But this doesn't mean a bracelet can't be worn individually as well. 

The opposite is true, sometimes it's more esthetically pleasing to wear one bracelet at a time. In the end it all comes down on your own taste but we hope we can help out a bit by giving some tips & tricks combining jewellery! There are no rules involved when it comes to combining lots of jewellery. In these four steps we will guide you along the process.


Do you like Gold or Silver? In general, choosing for one kind of metal gives a neat look. If you do like to play different metals, we advice you to look for corresponding elements within those different pieces of jewellery; check if they all have a blue gemstone for example. 


Now it's time to pick your colors. Every Barong Barong item comes in several color options. Choose the one(s) that: fits your style, matches your mood or matches the event you're heading to. 


Will it be leather or silk? Every material has its own character. For a more rugged look, stingray would be a good option. For a soft touch, our premium quality silk will stand out. Choose what fits who you are, or go opposite. To really dive into detail you can also combine leathers and silk for a distinguished look.


Do you really want to stand out? Choose max 2 complementary colors, and go for different designs. Do you want to leave an impression? Mix and match your jewellery with your clothing, make it one. Want to keep it simple? If your outfit already is a lot, go for one bracelet or simpler designs.  


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